About Jane

PastelsI grew up in England, a voracious reader with a vivid imagination. I don’t remember my first drawings, but I’m told that they were often done in my books and illustrated my collection of imaginary animal friends.

At University I majored in art history, graduated with a Fine Arts degree, followed by an art teaching diploma and teaching for 5 years. By now I was living in the States, married and raising a family. When our youngest child started 1st grade, I was eager to move my career deeper into illustration and graphic design and got a Commercial Art degree. Following many years as a designer and art director of children’s historical fiction books, I am now working as a freelance art director with my own office and studio. I am able to make more time to devote to painting. Spring StudioTrained in a variety of media, I work primarily in oils and pastels, either en plein air or in the studio from photographs or still life.

My subject matter includes landscapes, figures, and still-lifes. It encompasses the world I experience and to which I am deeply, emotionally connected-my family, my country home, and my environment. I love the atmospherics of the ever-changing, seasonal rural landscape. Looking for design and abstraction in my subjects, my attention is pulled to the panoply of patterns, shapes, and infinite hues around me, be it an enormous sky, undulating intersections of farmed land or an exquisite, beautifully formed flower.

There are not enough hours in the day, or years in a lifetime, for me to explore even a fraction of the painterly possibilities presented by the vast, image-rich, world outdoors. But sometimes, back to the studio comes a canvas whose paint-marks have preserved a unique moment in time with the potential to be enjoyed for a long time to come.